The struggle is real – My life as an indie developer right now

Hey fellow readers,

I am not sure how to start this article and which topics I should point out at all. So, I try to not cry or blame anything too much :D First let me start with something I am really looking forward to: I will be Dad in just about three more months ... man time is running so damn fast right now.

Self doubts about my actions

That said of course I slowly get some doubts about my lifestyle, since my indie business is not very worthy at all from a financial viewpoint. Also the time spend on working is so much. I am not really sure about the near future when I take look at this.
I was really able to get some things going and I have the feeling that the business is doing better from year to year, but at what cost and effort?

At the beginning of the year, I got much motivation and I tried to get as hyped as possible for my current project. I also told a lot about this in my latest video logs:

Scary business numbers

Unfortunately, my reality is: The analysis of my business numbers shows that the growing process is more than laborious. With every video log I create on YouTube, I manage to get one or two more followers, what is awesome don't get me wrong, but with this kind of growth I will have to create another 600 videos to get some kind of valuable reach. Of course I would do this and I love everyone who is willing to follow and support me. Thanks to you guys!

Nevertheless, also kind of regular posts on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook didn't managed to build up a community the last two years. It feels like marching on a spot. Of course I have to admit that I am nowhere near a professional marketer or social media manager. So, the low follower count and engagement isn't too surprising! I hoped the content would engage more, but there are so many talented indies out there that I sometimes think why should someone be interested in content I release?

But there is light at the end of the tunnel

With the start of this year a friend of mine helps me out in this specific topic and spread the word through our social media channels, maybe this changes the engagement. I hope I will be able to pay him one day for his efforts ... 

Seriously the indie business is a really hard business and you have to be very dedicated to it, I knew that before I started and I don't want to miss the time I spend to develop my games and build up the numbers at all. The only thing I wish for myself in this year is to be more financial independent, since non of my indie efforts became very worthy yet.

The only parts, where I am able to actually earn some money is to work as a freelancer for companies in complete different branches or selling my programming skill elsewhere. This makes me very sad, because I invest so much time and money into my indie business. Sometimes when I am in a bad mood like today - I just ask myself if it is worth all the effort? 

I guess I can only answer this to myself and as long as I enjoy what I am doing it can't be wrong. At least for now I won't quit anything and I hope I can make my dreams still happen :)

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Would you be open to the idea of partnering up? Or maybe a “partnership” isn’t the right term. I think maybe taking on an apprentice would be a more apt way of putting it, since you’re a more experienced developer than myself. I’ve watched though a few of your vlogs and I’m inspired by both your work ethic and vision, so I’d be willing to help out in any way I can, free of charge. I’d just be happy being a part of what you’re building and I believe I could be of use in many ways: For starters I’m a software engineering student and I’ve been using unity for a couple years so I would be able to do menial tasks that take up your time without trying to hijack your projects, I’m an artist and music producer too so I can always help with asset creation, and I edit videos here and there so I could help with your channel too. There’s more that I believe I could bring to the table but I’ll leave it at that for now because I’ve already driven up the character count of this comment and I’m don’t even know if you’d be considering this at all. This blog post did hit close to home for me though and I believe that hardships like this are always better when you have someone to share the load with so if you are interested either email me at or add me on discord at LukeR#4760, and I’d be very happy to share some of the burden with you (: