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developing and publishing unconventional games 

About us

My name is Thorben Rackow and I am the founder of the Indie Game Studio Rainware, which is located in Germany.

Our games are achieved with Godot and libGDX.

“Since I got my first PC I really enjoyed playing games. My absolute favourite games, as huge RTS fan, are: Starcraft: Broodwar and Starcraft2.” 
They gave me a lot of inspiration to develop my own games.

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Why another Indie Studio?

Some years ago I decided to make video games on my own, because I had the vision of creating game everyone would love to play.
Timbertales was the first and best example. We took a well known genre and mixed it up with a wonderful nature setting.
With Flat Fat Cat as second release we entered the mobile market and showed that we are able to make unique mechanics and combine them with a lot of fun.


Provide a special and unique atmosphere to employees. Flexible working times: Work as you like!


Stay independent from a Publisher and beware the freedom to make studio decisions and calls 


Everyone should be able to spend most of their time with things they want to do and should benefit from the Studio success.

Motivation & Enthusiasm

It is not just a job. Our team should always work with passion and identify themselves with our Studio.

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