We are an Indie game studio with passion

developing and publishing unconventional games 

My dev diary#5 – Busy day without real results

Sometimes in the life of an indie game developer you just have the feeling of getting few done. Today, was really busy somehow, but I couldn't really achieve anything. I need to think about a better strategy to organise myself a bit better and prioritise my next steps much better.Visiting a friend and office roomI starte...
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Flat Fat Cat Bounce

Sling and shot Bruno, our cat, around his living room and match color fitting pairs of cats!

Space Unicorns

Sling crazy rainbow unicorns through space. You don't like cats? No Problem!

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About us

My name is Thorben Rackow and I founded Rainware, which is located in Germany.

Our games are achieved with Godot and libGDX.

“Since I got my first PC I really enjoyed games. My absolute favourite games are Starcraft: Broodwar and Starcraft2.” - As huge RTS fan I always try to create games in that direction :)

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4 years ago I decided to make video games on my own. Timbertales was the first release and took much longer as expected, but we shipped it. Following by Flat Fat Cat and Space Unicorns. 
We release games to Steam, Android, iOS. 


Provide a special and unique atmosphere to employees. Flexible working times, vacations and many other benefits


Stay independent from a Publisher and beware the freedom to make studio decisions and calls 


Everyone should be able to spend most of their time with things they want to do and should benefit from the Studio success.

Motivation & Enthusiasm

It is not just a job. Our team should always work with passion and identify themselves with our Studio.

Contact me: info[at]rainware.net

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