My dev diary #0 - Map generation

Hey everyone,

today, I decided to try out a complete new approach on my website – The dev diary. Unlike my usual dev blog posts or video logs on YouTube, I will try to focus my self in this format to give you my thoughts, feelings and progress every end of a working day. I want to summarise my achievements, thoughts in some short sentences and share them with you guys. This will be the first one and maybe a bit longer because of the introduction. I also won't focus that much on quality, so please don't judge the grammar too much ;)

Map generation and navigation meshes in Godot

The last days I already prototyped a little bit in Godot for our new project. It will be a kind of RTS, survival game and we will need some basic stuff you would need every RTS game. So, I started with creating a basic map and let my character run around.

The first problem I encountered was the pathfinding of my character. I could imagine that a lot of people would have these problems to solve and found that Godot provide a NavMeshInstance for Navigation. That said the eager started to rise! My first approach for the map was work with a Gridmap and I wasn't able at all to get Navigation working with Gridmaps. I ended up in creating a Gridmap and overlay some objects to bake the navmesh. That worked quite well, but was too much effort in my opinion.

I solved this problem today with generating a map by script and not using Gridmaps at all. Navmesh baking is working perfectly if you just use Meshinstances on your Scene. As you can see in the image above I was able to generate my first map and save it as a scene. Afterwards I am able to manually bake the navmesh. It was an awesome day I learned a lot and can start tomorrow by extending the map generation and looking forward to the next steps in my development.

Unfortunately, I have to visit the funeral of my grandma tomorrow. So, I am not sure if I have the energy to work tomorrow, but I will keep you informed and write another diary entry no later than Wednesday.