My dev diary#1 – Roadmap

Hey everyone,

so here we are back again to our diary#1. Yesterday, was actually no time to work after the funeral. Today, I am still a bit sad and having an weird feeling, but nevertheless the best thing is distract yourself a bit. That said I haven't done any programming today, but I was able to create a first version  of our roadmap for the upcoming project.

Roadmap and team management

Most of the day I was busy to think about what milestones we have and what we want to achieve with the roadmap. Our team decided that we want to work with a roadmap to the prototype. Therefore we used to plan our sprints pretty detailed. It is quite hard work to come up with milestones and think about all stuff, which needs to be done and there will be a lot of stuff still missing. The best advice I can give you right here is: You start!

You need to start somewhere and it isn't important where you start. You will notice once you write done some things other will come to your mind and you can create a structure. Also you should keep in mind that a roadmap should be alive, which means it can and should be changed over time. Once you actually started working after your roadmap you will notice if things will take dramatically longer, shorter or import stuff is missing. Another thing is work with your team together! Everyone should be aware of the roadmap and follow the plan. This is the way to keep up the motivation and have passion for what you do.