My dev diary#2 – Making some progress

Log entry#2 Today, I had a much better start in the day and I was able to make some progress with the development. Our recent switch to Confluence as wiki boosted the collaboration between our team members a lot and I have the feeling it was absolutely the right step. With this in mind the motivation is much higher in general to making progress.

As I was able to create the roadmap at least for my part the development, I extended the milestones today a bit. The second milestone "First playable" is more or less already defined. We had also some discussion about our current and upcoming marketing strategy. I try to do a lot in that regard at the moment, but I kind of hate Social Media. Everyone is talking about how important Social Media is for indie developers, but do you want to hear the truth? I will tell ya anyway. 

Instagram is one of the greatest shit shows I ever encountered. Everybody is faking pictures or showing something they never had or will have. If your image is faking enough you may get some likes on it and a shitty comment like "hey cool pictures" which actually says "I don't care about your shit, but please look at mine". Sometimes you maybe got a new follower, but in return 5 left before and btw they actually only want you to refollow.

On Facebook you post for your little community there is no way to extend your community with your own site if nobody of your so called "friends" share or like what you post. In general most of the time you see sponsored posts on Facebook, where you have to pay tons of money to get what? Some likes back? Really, why should I pay for that kind of shit at all?

Twitter is at least annoying for me, you can just share some thoughts in a short message, but anyhow also here it cares nobody and from my 1k followers I get something like 80 impressions, that so awesome! :)

Anyway I think we made some good progress in that topic and came up with the conclusion to just use these channels if we want to and focus on more quality things such as Newsletter, YouTube or my dev diary here! Even if nobody reads it the diary has the big advantage it is on my website and not somewhere, where I don't have any control.

Thats just my two cents for today!