My dev diary#3 - Starving to death

Lovely diary,

today I focused on getting some features for our game done. We will have two simple mechanics for our expedition members, which will the their difficulty to survive a lot.

You need to regularly eat

The first mechanic known from other survival games you need to secure food regular otherwise your members will starve to death. This is why they lose -5 Health on the image on every tick. This mean if they don't get food they will die.

And you need to sleep

The other mechanic is your members need sleep. Otherwise they will fall to sleep in the position they actually are. This won't be a very healthy sleep, so it will take much longer and you won't be as rested as you would be in a good sleeping place. Also you are weird open to any dangerous on the map. Such as wild animals.

Marketing stuff ongoing

At the moment I am pretty much active on all of my channels to share as much information as possible and hopefully build up some community. That said today another Godot Tutorial was released by myself on my YouTube channel.