My dev diary#5 – Busy day without real results

Sometimes in the life of an indie game developer you just have the feeling of getting few done. Today, was really busy somehow, but I couldn't really achieve anything. I need to think about a better strategy to organise myself a bit better and prioritise my next steps much better.

Visiting a friend and office room

I started the day with visiting a good old friend of mine. He has moved to a new office and would like to share a desk with me, since I looking for an opportunity to work outside of my home office. This took me actual several hours, but the office was nice, we had a good talk and I was able to bring my vehicle to the workshop.

Creating two instead of one YouTube video

Afterwards I started some coding and soon reached the point, where I was thinking about my next video on YouTube. That said it was time to record a new video for this week and next week. I want to work in advance for having some more free time within the next weeks. Actually creating and recording the videos is quite fun, but cutting and setting them up von YouTube isn't. It costs always so much time for me to create these videos and unfortunately most of them aren't gaining much interest at all. Have to think about how to continue YouTube at one point.

Analytics of the dev diaries

I started this format to share some thoughts and feelings. One outstanding feeling at the moment is: I don't think anyone is reading this texts I write everyday at all – I have to evaluate this statement and see how to continue in future.

Changes in marketing

After analysing some data of my social media channels I dropped using Instagram for now.